Senior Service Resources



Caring for a loved one...

There are so many opportunities for help in caring for a loved one.  We can "age in place" with in-home health providers, or, if needed choose short term help options.  For those who are providing care there are several support groups and health care providers to assist not only in advice put in actual services.  Families can respect the wishes of their senior members and have the required information, resources and consultation they need to be successful in the care of their love one and themselves.

Many who are entering their senior years are concerned about how they maintain their health and control the associated costs.  If I choose to stay in my home how can I prepare it to protect my safety?  How do I make the right choices for maintaining it when I can no longer do so?  There are many options and programs that will supplement your decisions.  And, if required other choices can be discussed to make certain you know all the facts before you and your family make decisions about your care.

We all have questions and concerns about the security of our future.  Whether we are the one aging or we have family members who are beginning to need help.  The major items that concern us most are whether we have planned sufficiently to take care of ourselves and others.  There are many opportunities to sure your future financially, legally and with appropriate protection for those your love and your home.

Planning for your future..

  1. What financial plans do I need to have in place?
  2. Do I know how to make sure I have my affairs in order iif I cannot handle them .
  3. Is  my healthcare sufficient?
  4. Do I qualify for other benefits?



Health and safety...

  • Being able to stay in my home .
  • Making certain my home is safe for me when I need it.
  • Do I know my options for care in my home?
  • What assistance programs do I qualify for?
  •  How can I control costs? 
  • If I cannot stay at home, what  is the best option for me?